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Andrew Jinho AHN 安鎭浩

309-2 Sungbukdong Sungbukgu Seoul, South Korea
+82 10 3252 1089

My research focuses on developing computational solutions and geometry algorithms for automated design process primarily aimed at digital fabrication. Including my recent work on patterning for laser ablation machining center, I have developed various set of tools for Rhino Grasshopper.

I currently am an adjunct professor at Hanyang University(Seoul, Korea), and a co-founder of an architectural firm, SAN Architects. Through years of field experience on R&D projects on digital design and digital fabrication, my understanding on digital design field is profound and can always work with confidence.


U. C. Berkeley Master of Architecture 2012
Hanyang University Bachelor of Architecture 2010


HS Hitech  2019 to Current
Principal Design Engineer
– Galleria Department Store facade freeform node 3D printing engineering

Hanyang University Dept. of Architecture Engineering 2016 to Current
Adjunct Professor
– Digital Design Studio (ARE5001)
– Architecture Design 1 (ARE5008)
– Architecture Design 2 (ARE5009)

SAN Architects 2013 to 2018
Computational Design Associate
– Design strategy for 3D printed freeform architectural components (Research Institute : Hanyang University) 2017
3D texture Processing Software for Laser Ablation Machining Center (Client : Hwacheon Machines Co.,Ltd.) 2016
– 樂 Japanese restaurant Freeform Ceiling 2017
– Mercedes Benz Korea EQ POS design proposal 2017
Mercedes Benz Seoul Motor Show 2015
Mercedes Benz EVS 2015
– Gyeonggi Province Information Center FRP Freeform Panel Design Proposal 2015

SCALE Architects 2013
Computational Design Associate
– XINDIE Sound Interactive Lighting Effect Algorithm (Unity Engine, Android App) 2013
– XINDIE freeform panel position optimization 2013

Participated Exhibitions

2015 ‘Out of the box’ 3D Printed freeform joint pavillion (Kumho Museum, Client : Office 53427)
2013 Nature and Media Annuale (SCALE Architects)

Hosted Workshops

2018 HYSA Digital Design Fabrication Workshop (Hanyang University, 2018 Jul)
2014 Digital Fabrication Workshop (SAN Architects, 2014 Dec)
2014 Parametric Fabrication Workshop (SAN Architects, 2014 Jul)
2013 Parametric Fabrication Workshop (SAN Architects, 2013 Dec)
2013 HYSA Parametric Thinking and Strategy (Hanyang University, 2013 Jan)

Special Lecture

2015 GSAKU Graduate Studio Parametric Design
2015 GSAKU DIgital Pedagogy : Future of Architecture by Design Studios

Spoken Language

English (GRE Verbal 151 / TOEFL 100)
Korean (Native Language)

Tool Proficiency

●●●●● McNeel Rhino Grasshopper SDK (C#)
●●●●● McNeel Rhino Grasshopper
●●●●● McNeel Rhino
●●●● Arduino
●●● Microsoft Visual Studio (C# .NET)
●●● Autodesk Fusion 360