Tension Wire Structure

Part of SNU DAAE 2022 Digital Fabrication Studio project, students were required to design and build a 1:20 working tensile structure roof model. Project requires meticulous consideration of parts design focusing on DfMA strategies pertaining to digital fabrication modes including parts made with additive manufacturing technology. 

Every parts are made either by Laser CNC or MJF(Multi Jet Fusion) 3D Printing. Key requirement of this project was to design custom parts with DfMA in mind, especially on AM parts that needs to withstand structural stress with integrated functionalities including moving parts. 

Except for aluminum post which are milled manually, every parts are carefully designed having in mind possible human errors in the assembly process. We have included a wire tension adjustment reel inspired by dog clutch mechanism used in automotive transmission system which made the assembly time much faster than anticipated. 

For hinges and post base, parts were made using Nylon-12 MJF 3D printer to efficiently endure structural stress. Parts were designed to have minimum volume for cost effectiveness, 30% less material than ones made by SLA with equivalent structural performance. 

Andrew Jinho Ahn
Jonghyun Seo
Dongjun Kim
Yongul Lee
Juhui Lee
Jusung Kim
Yusun Choi
Hyewon Jo
Seungun Oh
Seungho Hyun
Changjin Ahn

Andrew Jinho Ahn

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