Azure Kinect DK for GH

Azure Kinect DK for GH

Azure Kinect for GH is a Rhino Grasshopper Plug-in that can read body tracking movement and point cloud data from Microsoft Azure Kinect DK. 

Microsft Azure Kinect DK is a spatial 3D capturing hardware with multiple body tracking capability and other functionalities. Compared to previous version of Kinect, Kinect DK has higher 3D camera resolution and additional body tracking features like palm detection and head orientation tracking.

This plug-in is developed in C# using K4AdotNet library.

Working Platform : Windows Rhino 6 or 7

There are two main features of this plug-in.

  • 3D Point Cloud Capture (Realtime)
  • Multiple Body Tracking (Realtime)


Download and Installation guide


Capturing frame rate can be changed from 5 fps to 30 fps.

Azure Kinect DK provides two camera angle modes. Wide mode if target is close to the camera, Narrow mode if target is further. Point cloud capture requires high computing power and heavily affects overall performance of Grasshopper. Lower resolution options can be used if frame rate is too low. Capturing resolution does not affect the quality of body tracking.

Spatial point cloud capturing

Body Tracking (Up to 10 bodies)

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