Nylon-12 3D Printed Connector Glass Curtain Wall System demonstration model

This iteration of PA12 3D Printed connector system features all the necessary architectural details and structural performances for real-life application without losing the beauty of uninterrupted smooth blending of profile and connectors.

Entrance door is seamlessly designed along the curtain wall, almost indistinguishable from other glass panels.

Aluminum extruded profiles are also custom designed by myself to accommodate varying angle of glass panel at profile along with thermal bridge insulation and water-proofing details. 

Previously developed aluminum connector rod used for connector – profile connection is also used in this iteration, only this time it is invisible from the outside and inside once every assembly is finished.

Requires no welding or grinding of material on site, entire assembly of structure is like assembling an IKEA furniture, done with screws. For this demo structure installation, it took group of 5 workers less than 7 hours to finish the assembly.

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