HYSA Digital Fabrication Workshop 2018

This workshop aims to design and fabricate furniture using digital design tools and digital fabrication methods. In this workshop. During two weeks of intensive workshop, students will experience brief process of digital design and fabrication figuring out real life problems from material selection to hardware details.

Workshop Instructor : Jinho Ahn, Jongjin Park

Tweening Series – Table (1300 x 900 x 900)
work by Jinho Ahn
2mm Steel top / 18mm birch plywood
Tweening Series – Podium (400 x 500 x 1100)
work by Jinho Ahn
Audience side
Podium top (steel) joint detail
Rocking Waffle
Work by
Taegyu Jeon, Yongnam Kwon, Jihye Seo, Inho Jo
Joint detail





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