UNITY Cellular Automata Visualizer for triangle tessellated curtain wall facade

Xindie is an interactive media architecture platform, developed for an indie band concert ticket lounge ‘Xindie’, located at Hongik University parking lot cressroad, South Korea. Visual effects based on cellular automata algorithm controls lighting of each skin cells on XINDIE ticket lounge is choreographed with music people are listening to with Xindie mobile app. This app automatically detects bit rate of music and creates realtime cellular automata visual effects on a building skin.


Tesoc Ha (Architect / Design)
Junsuk Park (Project Manager / Application Development)
Andrew Jinho Ahn (Application Development)
Hanjae Jo (Architect / Design)


Hongdae, SEOUL


Ticket booth


Korean Ministry of Culture

▲ Interactive Skin Control UI on XINDIE mobile app
(UNITY engine, Available for Android & iOS)

▲ Transparent LED lighting glass panels

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